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Iain, we will miss you !

Iain, we will miss you !

By Pascal Gille
13 October 2018
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We lost a friend

celebrate how Iain would have wanted it !

It is with a very heavy heart that Stade Rugby lost his friend Ian Ford this week.
Our thoughts are going to his Family.
Today we respected a one-minute silence at the beginning of the tournament in commemoration of a friend with a fantastic personality.

The farewell ceremony will take place at the company Ulbrich, Josefsthaler Straße 34, 2512 Tribuswinkel, Austria on 18th of October 2018 at 3:30 pm.
Bitte weiterleiten - und dazusagen, dass wirklich jede/r kommen kann, der/die das Bedürfnis hat sich zu verabschieden . Absolut keine Blumen mitbringen bitte! Es wird was anders geben, was man symbolisch ihm noch “ lassen “ oder “mitgeben” kann ! Die Burschen freuen sich so sehr auf die rugbyleute - Jonathan hat das extra erwähnt, dass er lustige rugby Geschichten hören will- also die packen das schon ! Stellt euch auf einen spirituellen - andächtigen Teil und einer Party danach ein. Ich bin so überzeugt hier Iains Bedürfnisse damit erfüllen zu können. Falls du das gleich so weiterleiten willst - nochmals hier auch auf englisch:

Please tell everybody who feels the need to say good buy, is welcome. Please don’t bring any flowers. There will be some other thing to leave for Iain . My boys, Jonathan and Elliot really are looking forward to see all the guys from rugby - no matter Celtic, Stade or Donau. ( still the thought of them celebrating together makes the boys smile) Jonathan really mentioned that specifically that he wants to hear some funny rugby stories - so they will be strong enough to deal with it. Please expect a part that is spiritual and devout with a following party. I am so convinced that this way we celebrate how Iain would have wanted it ! So

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