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GET ON BOARD: STADE makes more out of this 2019/20 rugby season!

GET ON BOARD: STADE makes more out of this 2019/20 rugby season!

By Pascal Gille
19 August
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This season is a matter again of investing and developing the passion for the game. Rugby generates excitement and emotional attachment keeping things in motion !

We are kicking off the new season! It’s great to have you on board as member or supporter. We have a common objective, and this is about sharing the values of rugby and grow the Stade community.
This season is a matter again of developing the passion for the game. Rugby generates excitement, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to the global rugby environment and to the great Stade family.
During this season we will spend some valuable time with you as a player, with your kids or with you as supporter of the club.
We rely on you to support us during the whole season for keeping our values in our mind:
• The RESPECT for ourselves, our team-mates, opponents, coaches, match officials and those involved in the club and in the game is paramount.
• The Discipline and the INTEGRITY are integral part of our sport, both on and off the pitch. We do play honestly and fairly, striving to follow the letter and the spirit of rugby laws and regulations.
• The FUN – Working hard as a team for a common objective and achieving it is what rugby is all about. Joining Stade , we ensure a fun experience for everyone involved and we uphold the rugby tradition of camaraderie with teammates and opponents,
• The COURAGE for engaging in the new journey by being generous in victory and dignified in defeat
• Teammate INTEGRATION and solidarity ensures an unifying spirit that leads to lifelong friendships, camaraderie and teamwork. We play as a team, working for our teammates, not for ourselves. Rugby is played by people of different shapes and sizes and skills. Therefore we rely on the other and take advantage that every player has a part to play.
• The PRIDE to be member. We welcome all new team members and include everyone, because working as a team enriches our lives.
Important info below:

1. Registration:
Registration is done online with a valid email address.
Please check your data and profile on the website. This is real key for us
GDPR and child protection legislation are implemented; at least one parent registration is mandatory for any underage player.
The registration will give you access to all information and schedule for training and games.

2. Membership:
The membership for the 2019/20 season is due. This fee is covering the costs for the pitch, the referees, the training material, the insurance and much more:

  • 250€ / Adult Full Membership for adults
  • 200€ / Full Membership for U18-U16
  • 180€ / Full Membership for mini and U14
  • 200€ Full Membership for Powerladies,
  • 100€ Full Membership Social Touch and Oldies membership
  • 500€ Family membership for 3 members and more
  • 45€ Honorary membership ,and RugbyFit basis membership
You will get the new Stade socks from Macron for 10€ as mandatory equipment for the games.
Please use Stade RC Wien, IBAN: AT271200050256016101BIC: BKAUATWW direct bank transfer as payment mode, since some fees are applied for the online payment via the website.

3. Insurance:
Insurance is included as soon as you have been registered. More details to be found Here
Overview of the insurance coverage Here

4. What's new?
Stade is proud to share the latest evolution. Please follow our homepage to get more info in the next weeks.

  • 1. RugbyFit: after the successful tryout last season, fitness activities on saturday
  • 2. Equipment supplier Macron: do not miss the new offer we will build for Stade.
  • 3. More rugby capabilities with the pitch upgrade at Hopsagasse
  • 4. Women Rugby team: do not miss it and join our Powerladies
  • 5. The Touch section is open to everybody and we will make more
  • 6. We will open the rugby academy for a personal development program
  • 7. New Trainer joining with Ricardo and Alexis securing the best of rugby

5. Contribution:
In order to maintain our high sport integrity and to further develop the quality of our organization, we need your active support.
Stade organization is based on the support of benevolent only and the whole staff is working on a voluntary basis.
Contact Matthieu Cherrier and be part of our staff and contribute to Stade's success:
  • Coffee on Saturday
  • Merchandising stand during events
  • Material management
  • Writing some article and promoting the club
  • ..and all the talents you might help with !

“Stade's success is because we have such great people being here !”

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