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After Show STARA Rooster Tournament

After Show STARA Rooster Tournament

By Stephanie Lenain
17 October 2018
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Other Teams delivered a great Spectacle after the STARA Rooster Tournament to entertain the public.

On Saturday morning our U14 Section, Power Girls & Ladies as well as our Touch legends ensured a great spectacle after the STARA Tournament.

Our U14 had to face a very good donau team. We are convinced that this team has powerfull capabilities, however we need to work harder and stay humble. Hard work, humility and discipline will be the key words for the following trainings and tournaments, trying to fight their fear of contact. The investment during training need to be consistent as well as regular for the physical preparation, a major key for safety and good play.

The Power Girls had a friendly U16 girls 7s tournament lined up with their lovely Vienna adversaries, the girls from Celtic and Donau. The Power Girls proved to be stronger than both their respected opponents that we hope to build up to maximise the challenge. We were fortunate to have had access the full pitch at the back to give ourselves more realistic training games and also fortunate to have had two referees, Coach Mini and Leo Cuthbertson, for which we are thankful.
It was clear from chats with coaches and players that, considering the fact that our girls no longer play mixed with boys or together against boys in regular tournaments, we would all be happy to repeat these informal friendly training games more regularly, in the name of development, whenever and wherever possible.

As the last game of the tournament our new Power Ladies undertook without fear the challenge proposed by the Social Touch crew! A 7 VS 7 game offering the public a nice suspense till the end!
Our boys were first using their experience in continuous assaults breaking several time the defense line... but not the heart of this young team who returned the situation in second half showing a magnificent desire to win! Game finished with a draw 5-5 leaving both team in the best condition to share the final beer!

It was a great days for all Teams and all of them are looking forward to play again on a next tournament


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