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2nd "ROOSTER" Tournament - 2018

2nd "ROOSTER" Tournament - 2018

By Stephanie Lenain
16 October 2018
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Our second edition of the Stade Rugby Academy "Rooster" Tournament was a great success

Our home tournament found place on the 13th October 2018, welcoming around 170 kids and their parents to spend the day with us. We had a lot of luck with the weather as we could enjoyed a very sunny and warm day.

At the start of the tournament a tribute as been paid to Mr. Iain Ford from all players, coaches, parents and public. We observed a moment of silence to remember a great rugby player who invested a lot in the Rugby. Thank you for everything Iain! (

Our young team U6 were playing with a lot of force and reached a very good result as the end game between Stade and Donau was even (6:6).

Stade U8 section faced a strong Donau Team. Still we could see a lot of pride as they scored their first tries and all kids showed a lot of improvment, surprising even their coaches with nice runs. The last game has been played together with some players of the Celtics, which worked very good. They showed strong rugby values!

Stade could aligned two U10 Teams, both of them playing very well. Eventhough the result of 2nd second place was a bit disappointing for the U10-A Team players, they fought to achieve a great tournament. With a more structured game, Donau won the key match. Nevertheless both teams show a big engagement and some great improvement. A special "ecouragement" to the younger U10 players as they played very well.
The U10-B team had a really good time this Saturday, we had fierce moments, but also weak ones, the idea of loosing by one point turned them into feral beasts, and tackeling machines, but sometimes, the exhaustion lead to a lack of concentration, and turned them into tickeling machines. We are going to work on those weaknesses, and unleasch the kracken 

The U12 played very well together and won against both Donau and Celtics. Our strong players could make a lot of impact for our speedy one to play very good moves. One of the player unfortunately got a red card during one of the game showing the coach some point to work on during the next trainings. The coachs will try to focus the energy to transform it into brilliant moves instead of playing a nasty or foul game.
An additional friendly game with a mix of all three teams showed the rugby spirit we value so much "All together we are a Team".

All teams fought bravely and showed some great rugby! All coaches are looking forward to the next tournament, in the meantime training will be our playground!

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped us organised the tournament and worked hard to make it as amazing as it was. Thanks also to Thomas for the great pictures he took of all the players.


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