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A new edition of the Vienna Touch turnament on April 6th

A new edition of the Vienna Touch turnament on April 6th

Saturday 6 April 2019
10:30 - 17:00
By Pascal Gille
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A new edition of the Vienna Touch turnament is taking place on April 6th,
A new clash for our Social Touch Team who trained and improved its skills in the last weeks.
This will be the second round for Stade, and the team will try to end their losing streak shaken by a lack of experience.
They managed to score despite the fact that the team has been newly built.

The stadists will create nice chances along the game, of that there is no question. But what’s about their ability to score and keep in the race ?
This is the perfect opportunity to check if we could improve our personal and team skills since the last 2018 edition.

Stade is powered by Polly's

Let’s join the Stadists and support your team !!

Esprit Stade

Below, original email from Touch Austria for the tournament organisation, to be read by players!

Kick Off: April 6th, 10:30
Location: Hopsagasse 5-t, 1200 Vienna ASKÖ Sportzentrum

Due to potentially wet weather conditions, we will play on the big astroturf pitch at the back
For those of you arriving by car: Parking on the street in front of the sports grounds is free on the weekend (apart from the bit in front of the car parts shop).


  • Antachbols
  • Galaxy Prague
  • Loughborough 1
  • Loughborough 2
  • Stade Rugby Vienna
  • Touch München
  • Vienna
  • Budapest (t.b.c.)

Start time: Captains' Meeting will be at 10:30, first game starts at 11:00
We will play with 2 female players, maximum 4 male players on the pitch all the time. Bonus scores are awarded at the end of the match if you play with 3/3.

Coffee and snacks will be available onsite, and Bingo restaurant will take care about delivering food and advanced rest if needed.
Rugby Touch training and rules:
As reminder, the tournament is according the the real Touch rules (FIT): FIT rules here

After Party: Charlie P's, Währinger Straße 3, 1090 Vienna
The After Party Location is an Irish pub with a party cellar. More information can be found on the website. There are no entry fees for the After Party.

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